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How To Flop It High to Tight Pins

Every now and then we are faced with a special type of golf shot. We need a lot of height, perhaps to get over a bunker or something else directly in our target line, but we also need to get the ball down fast and have it stick. This type of shot is best executed with a lob wedge.

The lob wedge is the perfect club for getting the ball up into the air and having it land soft with enough spin to stop fast.

While the lob wedge can be very useful, it does have its limitation. Its most restrictive limitation is distance. It is best used when you are within sixty yards of the pin or less.

Before you can use a lob wedge, you have to own one. These specialty wedges come in a variety of lofts, and picking the right loft is important.

Loft angles for the average golfer range from 58 degrees to 61 degrees. Expert golfers may opt for lob wedges in lofts that range from 62 degrees to 65 degrees. For the average golfer, choosing a lob wedge that is 60 degrees or less is the best option as these are much easier to play.

The average golfer should also look for a lob wedge that has a bounce angle of between 10 degrees and 13 degrees. This added angle allows you to contact the ground without digging into it.

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Here are some tips on how to put this club to work:

When you play your lob wedge, keep your weight distributed evenly on both feet. As you learn the lob wedge, keep the ball mid-way between your feet.

During your backswing, keep the club between parallel (to the ground) and three-quarter swing. If you need more swing than this, choose another club. Like all other wedges, your hands must lead the clubhead at contact. Do not let your hands fall behind the clubhead.

It is imperative that you accelerate through the ball at contact. Do not slow down as is often the urge to do with this type of wedge.

Important Tip: Before you select the lob wedge, take a good look at the green. If you have a measurable amount of green between you and the hole, consider chipping the ball.

Most golfers will have better luck by getting the ball onto the green and rolling it to the hole than trying to drop it close. But, again, this depends on how much green you have to play with.

For those of you new to golf, remember you are only allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag. If you add the lob wedge, you will have to take something out. Many seasoned golfers will opt to remove one of their long irons. This may work for you too.

The most important issue with mastering the lob wedge is to practice with it. This club does not behave like other wedges and you need to get comfortable with the way it plays before you take it out onto the course.

Remember to keep your weight evenly balanced and to keep your hands in front of the clubhead. These are the two most important mechanical tips associated with the lob wedge.

For shots within sixty yards of the green, that also require a lot of height, the lob wedge is the club of choice. Without it you would most likely be in-between clubs and that can spell trouble for even the most experienced golfer.

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