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Golf Swing Follow Through

Golf swing follow through is a popular type of shot in golf. Amateur golfers should learn about this because it is a fundamental of the golf game. If you want to become an expert golfer, you should learn about this shot.

Every amateur golfer needs to have a good and consistent follow through on their swing. The reason for this is that even with an unconventional follow through, golfers may still land a good shot.

However, it is not that easy to learn how to do golf swing follow through. This is why you should consider the tips below.

The first tip is to finish the hands high. When a golfer’s hand is high, it indicates that the ball has been hit already. However, if your hands finish below your left shoulder, this means that your swing was too flat because your wrists rolled over during impact excessively.

Finish with your right shoulder

Your right shoulder should stay down and it must be underneath the left. When a golfer has done this, it means that he has hit straight through the ball. You don’t have to pull the face of the club across at all.

Know the position of your head

Your head should be kept down when doing golf swing follow through. But it should be slightly tilted so that you can watch the flight of the ball with your eyes.

How to do swing follow through

The first step is to turn your hips towards the target and move your right knee to your left followed by your shoulders. Keep in mind that the angle of your club must be unchanged, similar to your left forearm. Then, move your club and hands towards the toe line.

Once you are geared up, you should hit the ball. The rule to follow is that you right shoulder should be lower than your left. This is much comfortable on your part. Then, turn your belt buckle towards the target.

After hitting the ball, your right heel could rise because of the momentum. The right arm along with the club should extend in a straight line. For a golf swing follow through, you should imply the V position of the arms.

Lastly, your right hand should be over your left shoulder. This is the end part of the follow through. The right foot gets the entire weight but the right foot gets is for balancing.

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