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Fix Your Golf Hook

Doing the slice is the most common problem, which most beginner golfers have. However, some golfers also face the problem of attempting to do the correct golf hook.

A hook is described as a trajectory or ball flight, which the golf ball starts out before curving severely to its target. This is a very useful technique in golf and all golfers should learn how to do it correctly.

To fix your golf hook, you need to watch your swing path and clubface. Learning how to do a counter-clockwise spin on a shot is ideal because it makes the ball curve well.

This can be done by a closed clubface with either a straight or an inside-out swing path. By doing these swing shots, you’ll be able to develop a simple swing for your golf hook.

How to fix your golf hook

Step 1: Check your posture. The proper alignment of your body is very important. Just place the club on the ground and aim the shaft to your target. Your shaft will serve as your target line. So be sure to align your shoulders, chest, hips, knees, and feet properly. They should all be parallel to the shaft before the impact.

Step 2: Consider your club set up. There are three possible ways to use a hook. This includes open, square, and closed.  For help you with your golf hook, you should use a position square, perpendicular to the target line, at setup and impact. Keep in mind that the sole of your club must be flat on the ground.

Step 3: Do the correct grip. Before you do a golf hook, you should check your grip first. Grip the club firmly but not too tight or loose. There are many ways to do a correct grip. Although the grip is not usually the main focus on how to fix your golf hook, it is still important.

Step 4: Balance your swing. There are three possible ways to hit a hook, the inside-out, straight and outside-in. If you want the ball to land on a straight path, then you should use your clubhead path to be straight at setup and impact.

Step 5: Practice. There is no better way on how to fix your golf hook than to practice. Therefore, go to a driving range and start practicing. Continue to practice on making golf hooks. Start with an easy swing first and proceed to different level as you feel more comfortable.

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