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3 Simple Swing Changes That Help Groove Right to Left Ball Flight

We are talking about the golf draw shot here, folks. And this can be one of the most powerful weapons in your golf bag if you take the time to master it.

The good news is you can learn to draw the ball fairly quickly using these tips.

For those new to golf, a draw is when the ball flies gently from right to left. It is the opposite of a fade. And because it is controlled, it is not the same as a hook.

A draw can be used to get around obstacles in front of you or it can be used to get around a dogleg. It is a great shot and easy to learn. As a bonus, it can also add some yards due to its tendency to roll farther once it lands.

The following is written for right-handed golfers. If you are left-handed, reverse it.

Here are 3 simple changes that you can make to your current swing to get the ball flying from right to left.

1. In order to draw the golf ball, you have to be set up properly. Begin by closing your stance. (Read below for more information on closed stance).

2. Now close the clubface just slight. With your closed stance, this means the clubface should be pointing at the target. If this sounds confusing, just aim the clubface at the target while maintaining your closed stance (feet and shoulders aimed to the right of the target).

Important Note: You control the amount of draw on the ball by varying the amount you close your stance. To fully understand this, spend some time on the practice range, varying your stance.

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3. Once you have your feet and shoulders aligned to the right of the target and have your club aimed at the target, make you normal swing. Do not attempt to change anything. Just make a normal swing.

Golfers who first try this type of set up may find it feels odd. Their first several shots using this stance may be horrible, but they should not give up too easily. This is a shot worth every minute invested in learning.

There is an almost subconscious urge to get the hands into play when you are set up like this. Avoid that urge. The essential key to making this shot is to swing normally, keeping the hands out of the action.

The reason you must close your stance is this allows your swing to have a slight in-to-out path. The in-to-out path is necessary for the ball to curve to the left. For those just learning this shot, the hands will try to get back to square, relative to your stance, and this will defeat the mechanics of this shot. So, keep those hands out of the way.

If you want to add a powerful tool to your game, spend some time on the practice range mastering the draw shot. And do not forget, this shot works with many other clubs besides the driver. Being able to play a draw on the fairway can be just as useful as playing a draw off the tee. You will need to work with each club to perfect your swing, but this is time well invested.

As you go through your practice sessions, remember to vary your stance. The more you close your stance, the more draw you can get on the ball.

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