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5 Fundamentals of Iron Play

Here are 5 fundamental tips for improving your iron play, regardless of their length.

1. Start with your grip: For many golfers the tendency to slice or hook the ball is greater with their irons than with their woods. There can be several reasons for this, but one of the more common is the grip.

If you tend to hook or slice with your irons, inspect your grip before you do anything else. A weak grip will often result in a slice and an overly strong grip will often result in a wicked little hook. The best grip is a neutral one that is not held too tightly.

2. Target Line is Crucial: After checking your grip, inspect your set up as it relates to the target line. Surprisingly many golfers will set up with their feet, hips, and shoulders out-of-align when playing their irons.

If your body is not positioned properly on the target line, your shots are going to be off. It is that simple. If you need to do so, have a buddy stand in line with you and the target, and have him or her help you find the correct, square line.

3. Here is simple way to check your line if you are alone. This tip can also help you determine if you are cocking your wrists correctly.

First, lay a golf club or a broom handle at your feet in line with your target. Take your stance. Ever so slowly, begin your backswing. Look down as you do this and see if your hands are on-line with the club or broom at your feet. They should be.

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As you continue bringing the club back, remember that the club you are swinging should not become parallel with the ground until your hands are at hip level. You want to make sure that your wrists do not cock prior to your hands getting to hip level.

4. As you practice your golf backswing with your irons, it is important to remember that a straight left arm is what you want once you get to the very top of your backswing. Some bend is okay, but if you are physically able to do so, try to keep it straight.

This is also a good time to check the position of the iron's club head. It should be directly over your rear shoulder once you get to the top of your backswing (for a full swing shot).

5. Iron play requires that you head be behind the ball at impact. It also demands that your hips be open. Depending on the club you are using and the shot you are attempting to make, your hands as well as the shaft of the club should be forward of the ball at impact.

Some wedges require that your hands be WAY ahead of the ball at impact, so make sure you keep this in mind as you move down your clubs.

Summary: Playing your irons does not have to be confusing. It does, however, require you to practice with them, which, unfortunately, many of us do not do very often. Remember to adjust the ball position between your feet as move from club to club. This may take a bit of experimenting before you find your settings.

Spend as much time with your irons as you do your driver and you will be amazed at how well this pays off for you on the course.

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