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Golf Slice Cure Review - The Dave Way

the dave way reviewThe ‘Golf Slice Cure’ is a golf instruction program authored by David Moore. The system consists of a very simple program that will help you get rid of your golf swing slice much easier and faster than you ever imagined was possible.

There are four basic steps that make up the actual program. Each step comprises its own set of drills that will help you quickly solve your slicing problem.

As you might be aware, there are all sorts of instant-solutions and gratification products out there but David Moore’s product is quite different.

His system is one which you can literally peruse within an hour and immediately start putting the guidelines into use.

David Moore, through ‘The Dave Way’ as nick named by the author himself, outlines what he believes the be the four fundamental benefits of his system: improved accuracy, reduced score, longer dives and a improved confidence levels that will manifest in your overall golf game.

When you purchase the program, you automatically get subscribed to ‘The Dave’s Way Newsletter’, a personal discussion with David Moore himself, plus seven super tips that golf pros use.

The main point in Dave’s lessons is not to re-invent your game or attempt to learn a new swing but rather, they aim at letting you work off of what you already know and doing so that you can extract the biggest benefit in the shortest time possible.

These four steps are designed more as add-ons to the swing you currently have than any kind of mechanical re-learning experience where you’re required to increase your flexibility, or improve muscle memory, or any other thing that might be hard for you to do or may take some time for you to properly master. This program enhances your existing grip, posture, balance, and position of your body.

One thing that makes this program stand out is its simplicity, and that’s what it aims at. It helps you to easily and immediately take what you learn to the driving range and instantly start achieving results.

What this does is that it lets you concentrate on those few tweaks to what you’re currently doing so that you don’t spend most of your time reading instructions or watching video illustrations or hooking your mind to some kind of swing analyzer. Instead, you’ll spend much of your time doing actual practice of the adjustments you have to make.

This program is certainly not for those searching for detailed analysis, golf theory, and an overall review of golfing fundamentals. However, if you’re looking for a guide that’s easy to understand, easy to put into practice and doesn’t need a lot of thinking, then this is the program for you. this is a program that’s more action oriented than just reading guidelines.

And while the author doesn’t set any success rates for his learners, he does offer a 60-day money back guarantee for trying out his product.

Clearly, ‘Instant Golf Slice Cure’ is an out of the box, plug and play program that will improve your golf slice.

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