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Golf Putting Tips And Techniques

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If you’re just learning or taking up the game of golf, here’s the one tip that will lower your scores faster than any other tip on golf – putting. That’s right. Putting.

No, putting isn’t the sexy thing to do around the practice tee. It’s doesn’t draw a crowd around you like bombing 300 yard drives does, but putting is where you can immediately shave strokes off your golf game.

When I work with young people or anyone just taking up golf, I stress the importance of practicing and working on your game.

I understand that it is only natural to want to go ‘hit’ the golf ball. It’s a great feeling to make solid contract on the ball and know for that moment in time that even the pro’s don’t hit it any better.

O.K. think about this (especially for you beginning golfers). I would venture a guess that given any round of golf, you probably putted at least one more time than necessary on each green simply because you don’t seriously practice your golf putting game. Easy math… that’s 18 strokes right there!

Now you’re probably thinking I don’t loose a stroke on every putting green. I would argue that if you are a high handicapper that you do. Those three and four putt greens... and let’s be honest; you are probably pretty generous with those gimme distances aren’t you?

This alone should begin to give you the incentive to improve your putting game. The putting stroke isn’t fraught with mechanics that you have to learn like you do with a full golf swing. You only need one club to practice this part of your golf game.

And with just a little consistent practice time on your golf putting, you can immediately start taking strokes off your game in bunches.

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Golf Putting Tips And Techniques:

  1. Mastering Your Golf Putting Grip
    One of the basic tenets to good putting is properly gripping the putter. An improper grip on the putter can lead to all kinds of problems. The good news is you can fix your putting grip fairly easily.
  2. How to Putt Long Distance on a Slope
    It is no secret that there are some shots in golf that are more difficult than others. A long putt is one. A sloped putt is another. When you combine the two, well, you often have a big challenge that results in a three-putt (or worse).
  3. Developing Good Putting Techniques
    Developing good putting techniques requires a lot of practice. But once you improved on your golf putting, you’ll be able to hit the shot in short distances effectively.
  4. How to Sink Long Range Putts
    Ask five seasoned golfers how to sink a long putt, and you will get five different answers. And that is the way it should be. No other shot in golf is as unique to the player as putting.
  5. Learning the Proper Golf Putting Stance And Posture
    If you watch prestigious golf games, you will see how elegant these golfers look when they try to hit the ball, especially in short distances. However, there are many factors in learning the proper golf putting stance and posture.
  6. Improve Your Putting: Distance Control
    When it comes to solid, reliable putting, distance control is essential. Being able to putt on the target line is good, too, but if the ball ends up three feet short or three feet long, well, you get the picture.
  7. Proper Golf Putting Grips | Correct Grips For Golf Putting
    Hitting the ball and making it go within 300- or 400-yard is relatively easy. The real challenge in playing golf is how to hit the ball in short distances. This is where golf putting takes place.
  8. Improve Your Putting: Reading the Break
    Learning how to read the break on a putt is one of the fundamentals of improving your overall game and score. More strokes are lost on the green than most of us want to admit.
  9. How To Make Those Tricky 75 Footers
    A super-long putt can easily turn into a 3-, 4-, or 5-putt if you do not approach your putt with confidence and aggression. Here are some tips on how you can defeat a 75-footer.
  10. Improve Your Putting: Stop 3 Putting
    Professional golfers make mistakes just like the rest of us. But there is one mistake they make that really irks them, and that is three-putting a hole.
  11. How to Improve Golf Putting Consistency
    Being able to putt the golf ball well can be help a golfer make a score. But it is not that easy to be consistent in doing golf putting.
  12. Improve Your Putting: How to Do a Putt Preview
    One of the best ways to improve your putting is to do what I call a putting preview. This is basically the same as a pre-shot routine, only it takes place on the green rather than on the tee or fairway.
  13. Putting Drills
    Developing putting drills that work is one of the fastest ways to lower your score. Many golfers lose a significant number of strokes once they get onto the green. By utilizing putting drills, you can learn to get the ball into the hole in fewer strokes.
  14. Lower Your Golf Score With Better Putting
    By mastering proper putting techniques in golf, you'll soon see the numbers on your scorecard plummet. All it takes is a little practice to master the proper body positioning that can make all the difference.
  15. Speed And Break Tips While Putting
    Putting involves a series of collective efforts that must all properly come together in order to sink the ball. You need to get the right stance and then follow through correctly, using the right techniques and flow.
  16. Pre-Shot Routine in Golf Putting
    When you carefully observe some of the best putters in the world, you might be tempted to conclude that they all a common, definable and repeated putting routine.
  17. Tips for Sinking a Downhill Putt
    Unless you learn how to prevent or deal with the downhill stroke, it will be a hard task for you to sink in the ball when playing a match.

Golf Putting Tips And Techniques

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