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Exercises for Senior Golfers

It’s pretty amazing that majority of aging golfers will look to anything but their body to try and improve their game.

Aging comes with a host of setbacks, such as deteriorating levels of strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, among others.

Needless to say, a senior golfer who wants to keep the spark in his game ought train and condition his body so that the aforementioned issues are kept in check.

Evidently, for golfers above 60 years, it is the body that dictates events on the course, and consequently the outcome. There can be noticeable improvement on the course with just some simple exercises and conditioning.

Note that golf exercises for seniors need to be simple and gentle, such as gentle stretches that boost circulation. The crucial thing is to be consistent and allow time for damaged tissue to heal.

Here are some of the gentle exercises to help you keep active and make you ready to play a few holes if you choose to.

Exercises for improving circulation:

• Waggle your toes as you count to fifty. This helps fresh blood to flow to your feet and calf muscles.

• Make a fist with your fingers by closing them, then slowly open them up until they are fully stretched. This exercises your fingers as well as your arms.

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• While seated on a chair, slowly lift your right leg a few inches off the ground and repeat five times to strengthen your thigh muscles. Repeat this with the other leg.

• Stand upright and lift your arms to shoulder height a couple of times (or until you’re tired). This will exercise the shoulder your shoulder muscles, as well as stretch them.

• Again, stand upright and count to five as you pull your shoulders back. This is an excellent gentle exercise for your spine.

• Stand at attention, spread your legs a little bit and hold your waist. Then roll your head (neck) through 360 degrees to ease your shoulder muscles.

• Move to a window edge and place one arm on top of the edge. Gently press down about five times to work your tummy muscles.

• Finally, stand at attention, stretch out your arms to shoulder height and then turn your shoulders back and forth a couple of times. This exercises the back muscles.

Exercises for the brain that will help improve your golf:

Make a score card by writing holes on a piece of paper counting 1 to 9. Then, place a number in each hole without thinking, such as 6,8,4,3, 5,2,7,3. Add the numbers in your head as fast as you can. While this might seem easy on the face of it, it is an excellent arithmetic mental exercise to keep your brain alert.

Also, you can look through the back pages of newspapers for golf articles and keep abreast of what’s happening in the golf world, just to keep your brain charged. You can also look up puzzles online.

These gentle exercises are not only excellent for golf, but will also your general fitness. Try them as often as your body allows.

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