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Essentials of a Great Golf Swing

Listen, it is no secret that if you want to play solid golf, you must have a solid golf swing. This means learning the essentials and putting them into practice day after day. 

It all starts with your grip. Think about it, your hands are the only parts of your anatomy that actually touch the club.

If your grip is off, the clubface will be off-square at impact. This results in the dreaded slice or hook. Find the right grip for you and master it. 

The next essential to a great golf swing is your set-up or address, as some like to call it.  As we hurry along the course, some of us forget that it is our address that will affect the outcome of the shot as much as our swing.

It does not matter how good you are, if your address is incorrect, you will most likely hit a poor shot. Once you have perfected your address, it is time to concentrate on your swing. 

One of the most common mistakes golfers make when they begin their backswing is bringing the clubface inside. This often occurs when the wrists break just after you begin your takeaway. If you have a tendency to slice the golf ball, this may be your problem right here. 

The best backswing is one that is gradual (as opposed to overly quick) and smooth (as opposed to jerky). Make sure your arms, hands, and shoulders all start off together in your swing. 

Focus on keeping your lower body still as you move through the first half of your backswing. By keeping your lower body still you let your upper body coil, and this coiling action is where your power will come from at impact. 

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Once you reached the top of your backswing (and the "top" will depend on the type of shot you are making), you need to transition to the downswing. This is where many golfers get into trouble. 

For most shots and golfers, the downswing should begin with the hips, not the arms. It is important to remember, however, that your arms, hands, hips, shoulders, etc all come together at the moment of impact with the ball. 

As you move through the golf downswing, your weight should shift from the leading foot to the lagging foot. This imparts more power to the clubface on impact. 

Avoid the tendency of the arms to outpace the hips or vice versa. The main idea here is to bring your entire body back to where it was at your address, making sure the clubface is square as well.  The last essential to a great golf swing is the follow-through. Do not underestimate how important a good, complete follow-through is to your swing. 

Once you make contact with the ball, keep your head down and keep your arms extended. Do not try to pull your swing to a sudden stop, which many golfers seem to want to do once they hit the ball.  The next time you watch a golf tournament pay attention to the way professionals complete their follow-through golf action

The last tip for a great golf swing is to understand that each of your clubs and each shot will have its own flow. The way you swing your short irons will not be exactly the same as the swing you use with your driver. 

The solution is to practice with each and every club as often as you can, remembering that ball position is also a key to making the best possible shot with any particular club. 

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