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A Guide for Parents: What to Consider when Buying Golf Equipment for Your Child

There’s been much progress and improvement in kids’ golf course equipment. Gone are the days when junior golfers had to improvise and use senior golf clubs that had been trimmed down to size.

There’s no problem with getting a kid started with a cut down 7-iron and putter, but as kids age, they require a set of golf clubs that are designed with their bodies in mind.

Today, there’s a range of manufacturers designing clubs specifically suited to the juniors.

Given the various types of clubs to select from, there are a few things to seriously consider when buying kids’ golf clubs.


The first thing you should put in mind is length. What you want to do here is to select a set of golf clubs that is the suitable length of the junior golfer and also one he can grow with. Keep in mind that there’s no problem if the junior chokes down or grips down on the club.

Here’s the basic rule: the junior golfer will be choking down too much if he chokes down more than 2 inches. This can alter the kid’s entire swing and they will need to make maneuvers to get the club around their body.

A junior golfer will be able to make a normal golf swing with a set of clubs whose length requires him to grip only one inch, and possibly leave enough length to use the set for the following year.

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Shaft Flex

The shaft flex is the next thing you should consider. Cut-down shafts present one major problem for the juniors: stiffness of shafts. The shaft will become extremely stiff when you cut 4-5 inches off a golf club. This is the reason why juniors using cut-down clubs fail to get any height on their shots.

Fortunately, manufacturers are now designing new sets with shafts that have the right flex for the juniors’ swing speeds. Junior golf sets are now mostly made with light-weight steel and graphite, which makes them more playable. Junior gold club shafts are now highly flexible that they can be bent with your hands. Therefore, ensure that the shaft on your child’s golf set is very flexible.


It is also important to consider weight when selecting kids’ golf course equipment. Obviously, the heavier the club, the more difficult it will be for the junior golfer to take it to the top of the backswing.

As a result, inconsistency will result as the junior golfer tries to get the club back. If the club is lighter, the junior golfer will easily get it in the right position at the top of the swing, on to a repeatable swing that’s easy.

Check the total weight of the clubs before purchasing. Select clubs that are light enough for your child.

Grip size

The last thing you should consider is grip size. Being keen on grip size for junior golfers is a recently introduced consideration. A grip shouldn’t feel like a baseball bat, otherwise the swing mechanics will be altered. Just make sure your juniors golf clubs are fitted with junior grips. Junior grips with a core size of .50 are ideal.

There’s no doubt that the correct equipment plays a huge role in determining success on the course, not only for adults but for kids too. Keep these factors in mind when buying junior golf equipment to ensure your child plays better golf.

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