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Crucial Tips To Really Help Lower Your Handicap In Golf

Tiger Woods must have a success secret and principles which he follows as the highest paid golfer in the world. Or don’t you believe that? If you do not believe that, do you think he could hold that position for the length of time he’s held it and still be the world acclaimed master of the tees?

If you ask him, Tiger Woods, he would easily tell you something he does differently that you do not do, or a particular idea that sustains his mastery which you have not yet tapped into.

Either you like to hear it or not, success has a formula – and golf is no exception.

If you love playing golf as a pro or as a newbie, there are some things you need to do correctly to lower your handicap in golf as a game, and the more you do these things, the more they become your habit or recipe for success in the game.

What are the principles, or what are the habits you need to imbibe and maintain over time to improve your golf game and that can make you dare to overthrow Tiger Woods himself?

a. Play the forward tees to break even: What this means is that while it can be pretty difficult to gain concentration on the game and the levels you have set for yourself, playing on the forward tees may be all you ever need to receive a boost in your game. Many times all you need to win your game is a good mindset.

When you play in the forward tees by playing minor courses, your mentality will receive a boost and grow on the confidence of your low scores to reach further. Practicing this will jar you into a consciousness for higher games and what they bring, before you know it, you have lowered your handicap in golf and about to break into the big leagues.

b. Lower your score with practice: Success in golf requires constant practice, and the more you practice the more focused you are to succeed. You must practice as often as you are able to, in fact you must practice for as long as you can keep focused on the game.

And every swing you take in practice wherever you find yourself will really help you out on the golf course. Missing a day or an opportunity for practice must be like losing money to you, and you must see your practice as not to only better your swings but to also better your focus and concentration.

c. Go for better equipment: The game of golf is not played with bare hands and the difference between success and failure on the golf course might be the golf gear. As you go up the game, you must go for golf gear that is very good and quite fitted for you.

It does not have to be expensive to be good, but you must see that the golf stick and its club-head are so fitted that they serve as an extension of your natural hands. The more you see your golf gear as an extension of yourself, the better fitted you are to lower your handicap in golf. 

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