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Characteristics of Great Chipping in Golf

A lot can go wrong during a routine chip shot. For example, you may hit the ball too thin or too fat. Your ball may take off on you like a rocket and go too far, or it may fall way short.

These mishaps happen to us all. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to lessen their frequency.

One of the most common mistakes made while chipping is when the golfer tries to "lift" the ball with the club face.

We have all done that and we have all suffered for it. The proper impact when chipping is to hit down on the ball and carry through with your swing.

As is true with all golf shots, the best way to improve your golfing chipping is to make sure that you are setting up correctly. Until your address is correct, your chances of hitting a great chip shot are diminished considerably.

The primary goal when you are setting up for a chip shot is to ensure that your body, arms, hands and club will be able to create a smooth descending blow onto the ball.

One of the easiest ways to get this downward swing is by keeping your left shoulder low all the way through the swing and impact. You may need to work on this, but try to keep that left shoulder down, while keeping it square to your target line.

Another common mistake happens when players flip their wrists or hands at impact. For right-handed golfers, the left wrist must remain flat as you swing through the impact zone.

Another tip to help those who may be struggling with their chipping is to ensure that most of your weight is on your left foot. It is important to remember to keep your weight on the left foot as you make your swing.

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Allowing your weight to move too much to the right foot will cause your club head to swing upwards rather than in the downward direction you want.

There are times when the best chip shot is a simple straight back and straight forward swing. When you have this type of chip, do not read too much into it. Do not over-think it. These shots are more akin to putting than they are to chipping

Here is a very easy way to improve your chipping. When you set up for your chip shot make sure the handle part of your club (and your hands) are forward of the ball. This forward position of your hands and club handle de-lofts the club to some degree, and really helps to bring about that downward impact we are looking for.

Remember: chipping is downward and through. This is the key to successful chipping.

This last tip has to do with ball height and roll. Unless you have a good reason for doing it, such as needing to go over a bunker, keep the ball low and get it back onto the ground as quickly as possible.

It is far easier to control the shot if the ball is rolling on the green than if it is in the air. The ability to chip your ball to a predetermined target area and have it roll toward the hole takes practice. Once you have mastered this technique, however, you will see dramatic improvements in your chipping game.

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