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Breakpar Blueprint Review - John Richardson

breakpar blueprintBreak Par Blueprint is a program that consist of various helpful videos that will help you break par in a way that’s easier than you ever thought was feasible.

The videos include John Daly’s simple tip that will massively elevate your golfing ability, and it is even claimed that Tiger himself has used it.

John Richardson, the creator of Break Par Blueprint, learnt golf the hard way, all by himself. Like most amateur golfer around the world, he found it extremely difficult to beat under 100 for a round.

However, unlike most people, John Richardson took it upon himself to take action and take his game a notch up. He set himself a challenge to break par at his local golf club, the Blackwood golf club, in just a year’s time. Of course, many watchers were skeptical, and some were outright rude, labeling him a ‘dreamer’ and all sorts of names.

John stayed focused on his goal and exactly 363 days from the announcement of his challenge, he went around his local golf course in one under par 70. He had remarkably improved his game by 33 strokes in just one year. For sure, every golfer would love to replicate that.

As such, he decided to compile a 12-module video course demonstrating how he managed to change his game and get such amazing results.

What will you gain from Break Par Blueprint?

Break Par Blueprint will help you grasp the perfect swing for longer distance and greater accuracy. In addition, you will be introduced to an easy way of losing weight by playing golf and you will not have to spend money on gym memberships.

While there’s a plethora of putting techniques out there, Break Par Blueprint focuses on the most powerful one so that your game can improve with less learning. Obviously, you’ll find a lot of eBooks and tips online to read through, but this program aims at cutting through all the fluff and avail you with exactly the things that are useful to you.

This programs guarantees to add 20 yards to your drive within a week.

To access this program, you’ll have to part with a measly $19 and that’s not all. You’ll also have access to the membership site for a limited time where you’ll get lots of useful stuff. Forget about the usual books and DVDs, everything is accessed online and that adds to the convenience. You can keep the membership by paying a monthly subscription of $19.

Golfers keep coming back because of the value that this program offers. And better still, you will not be asked to pay a fairly large fee at first. Rather, you only have to pay $19 to try out the program, after which you can pay the same fee for the subsequent months in case you find the program useful for your particular needs.

And while John doesn’t guarantee that you’ll replicate his feat, you can rest assured that your game will be reformed. This program is highly recommended to all those golfers who are over 100.

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