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Blackops Golfer Review

black ops golfer reviewBlackops Golfer is a golfing solution unlike no other. There’s a general notion that the way to winning in golf is by conforming to ‘fair play’, honor, and generally believing that golf should be played in gentlemanly way.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the approach of traditional golf psychology techniques (visualization, self-hypnosis and positive thinking) to the game, they are not guaranteed to give you the aura of a winner on the course.

Black Ops Golfer completely turns this approach on its head and instead employs mind control, covert hypnosis and Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to sabotage opponents’ performance.

Black Ops Golfer is premised on Milton Erickson’s basics of the pioneering work in hypnosis in the 70’s, together with Richard Bandler and John Grinder’s work in Neural Linguistic Programming.

Collectively, these two techniques can be used to hypnotize an individual without them knowing it and use persuasive language patterns to influence what they do. According to Bill Gladwell, he claims that they simply utilized these tools effectively and in ways that not so many people have dared, leading to their students to always dominate on the golf course.

Precisely speaking, these techniques employed by Black Ops Golfer are sort of underhand and covert, which aim at relaying your fears to your opponent. This results into doubts and insecurities gripping your opponent’s mind and definitely all this works to your advantage because it effectively degrades their performance on course.

Granted, this doesn’t come off as honorable and fair but guess what, Black Ops Golfer teaches you how to achieve this while still appearing like a ‘gentleman’ at the same time.

Black Ops Golfer is simply an attitude, taught and instilled by experts that have crossed over to the ‘dark side’, one that will give you an aura of invincibility on the course and get your mind thinking to your opponents ‘You’re all mine’ – and teach you the techniques to turn this into reality.

The persuasive secret language patterns you learn in Black Ops Golfer will help you shatter your opponent’s confidence, and even make him get a phobia to his own golf clubs.

Additionally, Black Ops Golfer will teach you techniques that will show you how to guard your mind from negative energy, and another technique that will pump you up with positive energy right before a game, among other benefits.

Note that this approach that uses ‘underhand’ tactics isn’t for everyone, but even if you don’t intend to apply them, they will still help you to decipher your opponent’s thoughts while on the course.

Among the ever increasing number of golfers worldwide using the Black Ops Golfer approach is Greg Sanders, a US based golfer and a 7 handicap. Greg says that he can now intimidate his opponents into making mistakes and therefore he gets to win more.

According to Bill Gladwell, golfers who find the idea of intimidating their opponent uncomfortable should refrain from using the Black Ops Golfer techniques. However, you should stand warned that your opponents might be more willing to use them against you.

Thus, if you want to find out what these covert underhand methods are all about and if they can really live up to their claims, pick up a copy of Black Ops Golfer from their website.

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