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Where Should You Position The Golf Ball?

Ball positioning in golf is extremely vital. That is basically what determines the end result of your shot. For beginner golfers, this is an issue that sometimes slip their mind when they focus too much of their attention on the stance and gripping of the club.

Always position the ball in line with your left breast. The only thing that often changes is the width of your stance. With your right foot widened out further, the club shaft gets more elongated.

Here are the most appropriate ways of positioning your golf ball.

• Wedge – you need to place your feet two club heads apart. Place the ball in the middle of your stance so as to be at a distance that is approximately 15 inches away from the toes.

• 9 Iron – in this position, locate your feet three quarter inches wider than your wedge stance. Place the ball the length of a club head on the inside of your front heel to assume the distance of sixteen and a half inches away from the toes.

• 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3 Iron – are other positions that can be incorporated. In each position, place your feet three quarter inches further than each preceding Iron position. Place the ball 1 club head inside your front heel and ensure that its 18, 19.5, 21, 22.5, 24, and 25.5 inches away from your toes, respectively.

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• 5 Wood – continue widening your stances and moving the ball out further apart from your toes while using the woods. With 5 wood, you are required to put your feet ¾ inches further apart than in the 3-iron. Let the ball be inside closer to your heel so as to be 1½ inches of the club head length inside the toes. Place the ball at a distance of 28 inches further from the toes.

Besides the above mentioned there are other considerations necessary to ensure that the ball positioning is perfect. These include;

• Alignment – Your body alignment determines the outcome of your shot. Your arms, feet, hips, shoulder and knees should be in a parallel position to the mark. In addition, your stance will be dependent on whether you are a left hand or a right hand player. It almost appears as though your body is not in alignment with the intended target though the ball positioning is actually aligned to it.

• Feet positioning – The way you position your feet will highly determine positioning of the ball. Your feet should be together for ease in movement and to have the ball always positioned accurately. The ball should be positioned in the middle of your toes.

• Foot movement – You have to be able to move your feet so as to drive your shot. Your left foot should move first to a position that is in alignment with your armpit. This eases movement of your right foot and also determines the correct ball placement. Moving your right foot will help you know if the ball is positioned properly. It should be in line with your left breast.

These are the various places and ways of positioning your golf ball while playing to achieve good golf shots or to overthrow your opponent. Continued practice will aid in your game shots and with time, each placement will be easier to apply when on the golf course.

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