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Basic Golf Rules and Etiquette

We cannot stress enough how important it is for every golfer to know about basic golf rules and etiquette. Playing golf is not just about hitting the ball to put in the hole.

There are rules and etiquette that should be followed for playing golf. And if you don’t consider them, you might find yourself losing games.

Here are some basic golf rules and etiquette to follow golf playing:

Be on time before the match

You should arrive at least 20 minutes before the game. The reason for this is to be able to practice first before making a tee. Once you hit some balls on the driving range, you’ll get warmed up and be able to hit the ball well. Practice before the match is important.

Get the right equipment

Having the right equipment is very important. A golfer should have about 14 clubs in each bag. There is no minimum number of clubs that can be used but borrowing clubs from others is not a good idea. Of course, borrowing clubs is allowed under certain circumstances, but it is against the rules in most. So make sure to have all the clubs needed for playing golf.

Teeing rules

When teeing, you should place your ball between the tee markers. Do not put the ball in front of marker. Tee markers are small. They are colored cones with stones or some other similar indicator. If you are playing from the white tee, you should look for markers with white paint.  This is a basic golf rule and etiquette for playing golf tee.

Dress properly

Not all golf courses have dress codes but some do. Therefore, know about the dress code of playing golf to be able to play the game. The standard golf clothing includes wearing a pair of khaki shorts or slacks along with a collared golf shirt. It is also good to have gloves when hitting the ball with a club but it is not required.

Out of bounds and lost balls

This should be marked by golfers. There is a penalty for out of bound balls. And aside from that, you’ll go back to where you hit the shot from. Do not hit the ball in penalty lines because it is a violation. If the ball is out of bounds, it's best to immediately hit a second ball to avoid confusion of where you last hit the ball.

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