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A Great Warm-Up Routine for Golfers

Any seasoned golfer will agree that warming up for a round of golf is an essential part of the game. This is non-ignorable and professional golfers take time to warm up before they begin a tournament.

Like with other sports, this requires warming up the body both psychologically and physically. With a few tips and techniques, it becomes very easy.

Arrange to go to the golf cause early

The first step that a discerning golfer needs to do is get to the golf course early to warm up for a round of golf. By getting to the course early, this allows you to get the cart and other supplies at your own pace, which will make certain that you do not forget anything.

Get the body in rhythm with some light golf stretches

When warming up for a round of golf it is imperative that you stretch properly. This does not need to be intense stretching, but good enough to release tension in the muscles and make the swings much more consistent and smooth. Hold the golf club on both ends and put it behind the head on the shoulders, in this position assume the regular golf swing posture and lightly rotate the body back and from end to end.

After this, use the pitching wedge and make a few light swings while visualizing the swings rotation. These are basic yet helpful tips that will help get you into the rhythm of the golf swing as well as limiting injury chances during a full motion power swing on the golf course.

Short to extended golf practice shots

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When on the warm up range, begin with the sand or pitching wedge, move up through the clubs, and use the driver last. This will depend on how much warm up time you have, whereby you can skip one or two clubs, however, always begin with the short clubs working up to the driver. The aim should be to get at least five swings for each of the clubs used, which should give the body the chance to warm up to the full power swing for each drivers.

Chipping - Practice on the greens

It is imperative that you take time to practice on the greens, when you do this, it will save you a number of strokes along the way. You can begin by green side chipping practice. With the sand or pitching wedge along with the seven or eight irons, these will enable you visualize how fast the greens run.

Try as much as possible to make the chips to be within 3 - 5 feet from the hole. At this time, bear in mind the rhythm of the short swings and stances, which you took to make the short chips into on the green. The chips may look simple; however, they are a common cause for mayhem on the golf course, hence requires good preparation.

Practical green sessions

During a golf warm up routine, it is important that you visualize the shots as if you were playing a real game of golf. If this is not the first time on the course, visualize some of the past difficulties and practice the specific golf shots. This activity will prepare you mentally for a round of golf as well as giving you confidence when approaching difficult lies.

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