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In the past, golf is not one of those sports which anyone can just play at any time and at any place. As a matter of fact, this is considered as a sport for the elite because only the privileged few are able to indulge in this sport.

Nowadays, golf has evolved to a sport where it is much more affordable to the masses than it used to be. With the wide media coverage on the sport, it is no wonder that more and more people are interested to learn golf as a means of entertainment or even for business related purposes.

When somebody is just new to playing golf, it requires a certain period to adjust to golf’s brand of play. The newbie can be likened to a child taking baby steps just so he is able to get a good grasp at playing golf. More than anything, when someone is just learning to develop his passion for the sport, the idea of having some form of beginner golf instruction should be a breath of fresh air.

When it comes to beginner golf instruction, there are certain things that you need to consider. Due to the relative rarity of this sport, it becomes a bit challenging when you undergo beginner golf instruction. Aside from one’s skill, you have to take into account your dexterity and your discipline to last the rudiments of beginner golf instruction.

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However, just like any other human endeavor, learning golf and actually being good at it is something that is not impossible to accomplish. With the right mindset and willingness to learn the sport, certainly, it will just be a matter of time before you are able to play golf at the top of your game. To do this, you need to have at least some familiarity with certain aspects of beginner golf lessons.

Here a few of the lesser-known golf tips for beginners that are essential to people who are just starting out on this great game:

1. Strive to achieve equilibrium. Having a sense of balance when you play golf is a fundamental principle in mastering this sport. It is important that you are able to achieve balance as it will be handy in giving you that good form as you play golf.

2. Use a golf club that is appropriate to your level of skill. Golf is an expensive sport. But you do not have to buy branded golf clubs especially if you are still a beginner. While you are still learning the ropes, it is recommended that you stick to a golf club that is not pricey. As long as it gets the job done, then, that’s the golf club that you should buy.

3. Practice a lot. The only way to be good at something is if you have time to practice. That said, it is basic for all beginners regardless of the type of sport to have regular practice sessions. This is the only way to improve and develop your golf playing skills.

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Have a GREAT time on starting off your golf learning journey and take pleasure in playing golf…

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Golf Tips For Beginners | Beginner Golf Lessons:

  1. Tips for Improving Your Golf Grip
    Has your golf game suddenly taken a nose dive? Are your scores so high you need a calculator to add them up?
  2. Pre-Shot Routine Tips
    Did you know that developing a pre-shot routine can do more than help lower your scores? It can. In fact, golf psychologists have recommended pre-shot routines for many of the best golfers in the world.
  3. Basic Golf Rules and Etiquette
    We cannot stress enough how important it is for every golfer to know about basic golf rules and etiquette. Playing golf is not just about hitting the ball to put in the hole.
  4. How to Stop Shanking the Golf Ball
    Have you ever shanked a golf ball? Perhaps you shank a lot of golf balls. If so, you already know that this creates one of the worst golf shots imaginable.
  5. Beginner Golf Putting And Chipping
    This is why it is essential to learn about beginner golf putting and chipping. In this article, we will talk about some of the most essential elements of how to put and chip the golf ball in the hole.
  6. The 5 Biggest Reasons Players Miss Greens
    Missing a green (that you thought you should have hit) is a source of frustration for all golfers at some time or another. In this newsletter, we'll look at the 5 biggest reasons for this mishap.
  7. Golf Swing Basics | Beginner Golf Swing
    The key to landing the golf ball in the green is to give the perfect swing. This is the very first thing that all golfers should learn.
  8. Golf Pitching for Beginners
    There are many ways to learn golf pitching for beginners. The first method is to simply hire an expert golf player and learn about the basics of golf pitching. You can also surf on the internet and learn about the basics of golf pitching.
  9. Beginner Golf Tips: How To Play Like A Pro
    Golf, unlike basketball or soccer, is probably one of the world’s interesting, yet underrated sports activity. There may be plausible reasons for this surprising fact.
  10. How to Hit Long Irons
    Learning how to hit long irons takes time, practice, and patience. Of all the clubs in the standard golf bag, the 1 through 4 are widely considered the most difficult to master.
  11. Conquering the Dreaded 3-Footer
    Have you ever walked up to a short, 3-foot putt thinking to yourself, "This is a piece of cake" only to miss it? If you have been playing for any length of time at all and if you are honest, your answer would have to be yes!
  12. How to Fix a Golf Hook
    Warming up your muscles and joints before a round of golf is essential to good performance. Most importantly, it reduces the possibility of injury during play. Countless golfers have hurt their lower back, neck, or shoulders on their very first drive because they did not take the time to loosen up.
  13. How to Hit Fairway Woods
    Learning how to properly hit fairway woods can give your game a big boost. While it's true that these are some of the least used clubs in the bag, there are scenarios when you need them in the worst way-either to have a chance at an eagle or to save par from wayward drive.
  14. A Great Warm-Up Routine for Golfers
    Any seasoned golfer will agree that warming up for a round of golf is an essential part of the game. This is non-ignorable and professional golfers take time to warm up before they begin a tournament.
  15. Golf Swing Exercises for Beginners
    The best way to go around this challenge is to break down the golf swing into simple training drills that will help the person get a golf swing that works for them.
  16. 3 Types of Handicaps in Golf
    In basic terms, a player's handicap a numerical value indicating a golfer's ability to score in relation to a golfer who would score par on the course. The higher the handicap, the more strokes a player receives in a round.
  17. All About Golf Courses
    The best way to go around this challenge is to break down the golf swing into simple training drills that will help the person get a golf swing that works for them.
  18. Where Should You Position The Golf Ball?
    Always position the ball in line with your left breast. The only thing that often changes is the width of your stance. With your right foot widened out further, the club shaft gets more elongated.

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