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8 Tricks to Become a Better Golfer

The Internet is filled with articles on how to become a better golfer. Most of these are the same general tips, reworded in some manner, and, frankly, I thought you might like to see new tips and tricks. So, here we go.

1. Eat Before You Play: Many golfers, myself included, often skip breakfast before morning play. This can be a mistake. No matter what time you tee off, it is a good idea to have a healthy meal an hour or so before tee time.

Meals that include carbohydrates are best as they help keep your energy level up. This is especially important if you plan to walk the course. Avoid sugary foods such as donuts and sodas.

2. Bag a Healthy Snack: Ever notice Tiger Woods pulling a banana out of his bag as he plays? He does this for a reason. Bananas, nuts, apples and pears are all good sources of food for golf playing. A little nourishment as you play can do wonders for your game, and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

3. Walk the Course: If you have a course that you normally play, here is a tip to help improve your game as well as get some exercise. Walk the course.

By walk, I mean walk without playing. Just take a stroll down each hole. These little walks can often reveal hidden secrets about a hole that you might otherwise never see. You might be surprised at how many players do not know their course!

4. Loosen Up Before Play: Most seasoned golfers already know they need to loosen up their muscles before they start play. I agree with that advice, but this tip, here, is about loosening up your mind.

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As you do your exercises, try to calm your mind, calm your spirit. Golf is supposed to be fun! It should not be a mental torture session.

5. Check Your Gear: This tip is for those of you who rarely check your gear. Take a few minutes and check the grips on your clubs, check the shafts and club heads, and check the state of your golf shoes. Golf gear is not indestructible.

6. Practice Your Short Irons: A lot of golfers will spend hours practicing with their new titanium driver but not spend five minutes with their short irons. The short game is often where many of us miss quite a few shots, and honing the short game should be a priority for all of us.

I like to start with my 7-iron and work my way down to my wedges. Personally, I spend as much time with my irons as I do with my driver on the practice range.

7. Learn How To Read: The green, that is. Poor putting can ruin any hole. One way to become better at your putting is to learn to read the greens.

Get down low and pay attention to the grain of grass; make a few putts and watch the ball as it reacts to the grain. Learn how the greens react in your location when they are damp with dew and hard as stone. This is time well invested.

8. Analyze Your Game: Every round of golf is an opportunity to learn something about your game and about yourself. It does not matter if you had a great round, poor round, or average round. There is always something to be gleamed from your play of that day.

After you finish your round, take a few moments to reflect on those shots that you made well. Then spend an equal amount of time reflecting on what you could have done better.

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