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5 Secrets to Improve Your Golf Chipping Game

Want to improve your chipping game? Serious golfers understand how important chipping is to their overall game and will spend time mastering this shot. Here are some tips to help you get that ball up and over to the cup.

As you probably already know, just about anything can go wrong when you are chipping. However, there are two shots that are more commonly made than any others. They are the chunker and the skull.

A chunker (aka the fat chip) is when the ball basically falls flat and goes nowhere. The skull shot, on the other hand, results in the ball flying wildly ahead, usually right over the pin.

You might be surprised to learn that both of these less-than-happy events are usually caused by the same thing: hitting up on the ball.

When we try to get the club under the ball, we end up digging into the soil and that often results in the chunker shot. When we try to avoid hitting the ground, we often hit the equator (or mid-line) of the ball and we end up with a low-flying, kamikaze shot that ends up well beyond where we wanted.

Let's fix these problems.

1. Mental Prep: Golfers who often miss their chip shots will have a feeling of dread as they move up to the next one. Fight that off. Yes, these are precision shots, but they are also make-able shots.

Before you address the ball, remind yourself to avoid the temptation to try to lift the ball off the ground. Tell yourself, "Hit down but not the ground."

2. Accelerate: If there is one key to hitting the ground AFTER impacting the ball, it is to accelerate the club. Many golfers fear doing this as they believe the ball will go too far. Overcome that fear by shortening your backswing.

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3. Shortened Backswing: A lot of us fall into the trap of swinging back too far, because we know we are going to decelerate on impact. This "compensation" is a mistake.

The better option is to dramatically shorten the backswing and accelerate as we approach the ball. The short backswing also provides better control of the club.

4. Pick a Target: Unless there is something that you honestly need to fly over (a bunker, for example), there is no reason for a chip to fly high. The idea is to land the ball on the green and let it roll toward the cup. Many golfers want to plop the ball right into the cup, and that almost never happens.

The next time you see a professional golfer make a great chip shot on TV, see if that shot was low or high. Chances are good it was low and rolled. That is the chip you need to do as well.

5. Unlearn Your Mistakes: Many of us have been doing the wrong thing for so long it is second-nature now. Understand that it is not easy relearning some golfing skills, and this is one area that can be especially hard to relearn.

Remember to shorten your golf backswing, and when I say shorten, I mean drastically. Swinging the club back to waist level is still way too far for most chips.

Pick a target that allows the ball to roll to the cup.

And hit "down" on the ball. You cannot scoop the ball up and have any success with your chipping.

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Spend some time practicing these new tips and before too long you will be chipping like a pro.

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