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5 Great Gadgets to Help Your Golf Game

Most golfers love gadgets. I know I do! But how do you sort through the thousands of offerings to come up with a handful that will truly help your game?

Here is a list of 5 golfing gadgets you should consider getting for golf accessories that I believe can help any golfer.

1. Pitching and Chipping Ball Nets:

Pitching and chipping can be problematic shots for many golfers. For those who have limited space at home, a pitching or chipping net can come in very handy.

If you do not have some good, healthy grass to hit off of, you may also need to invest in a golfing mat. These nets and mats can be found at very reasonable prices, and they actually work!

2. Swing Speed Monitors:

Knowing your club head speed is important information for any golfer. So many aspects of golf depend on what your speed is, so investing in a speed monitor is often a very good idea.

You can find swing speed monitors in a variety of styles and models. The important thing to keep in mind is to get a good, reliable one. With prices being so affordable, even for the top models, it only makes sense to pay the extra few dollars to get something that you can depend on for accurate results.

One of the best reasons for owning your own speed monitor is it allows you to learn what your speed is now and then monitor your speed as you make adjustments to your golf swing. Some golfers may not know it, but there are certain adjustments you can make that will actually slow your speed!

You will certainly want to know when you are doing that.

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3. No-Bending Putter Attachments:

These are very cool and useful gadgets, especially for those who have back stiffness or back pain when they bend over to pick up their golf ball.

These suction cup devices are easy to install onto your putter shaft. When you are ready to pick up your ball, from green or cup, simply invert your putter, press the cup down on the ball, and pick it up.

You can find these nifty gadgets for around $10 or so. For those who suffer with their backs, it is the best money you can spend.

4. Stat Keepers:

I'm not sure if stat keepers falls into the category of gadgets or not, but I am a big believer in information. Stat keepers (aka statistic keepers) give you one central place to record, organize and retrieve your golfing stats.

Stat keepers can be as simple as a notebook or as sophisticated as computer software. Regardless of the type you choose, these gadgets only work if you take the time to input the information.

Some stat keepers will allow you to customize what data you want to keep; others are pre-programmed for such. If you play a particular course often, these devices can truly help you see your game over time. And that can be a key element to your game improving.

5. A black Sharpie pen:

Nothing fancy about this gadget but using it can often make all the difference in the world with your putting.

Simple procedure: Find the center of your golf ball, or balls, and draw a single, black line, about one-quarter of an inch long, on that axis. Use this black line to "aim" your putts. Aim it along the target path, not the hole.

Having this black line to look down upon when putting will allow you to concentrate on speed rather than direction, as direction is already marked for you with the line.

Hope you enjoyed this little journey into the wild world of golfing gadgets.


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